Specialty Images

These images posted in the gallery below are from a job we had in Las Vegas.

The skylight was manufactured and shipped in sections to the job site, due to its size of 9’5″ by 9’5″.


Local Brewery Bar

Over the past couple of weeks we have had the chance to build the new bar for a well known brewery here in town. Their need to grow their operation also brought forth an opportunity to build a new bar and this is the work in progress. As you can see it has very organic shape to it that is rather unique. Our CNC was once more very useful for the manufacturing of all the curved parts and pieces. It will be installed over the course of the next few weeks and we are excited to see it in action.


East Colorado Springs Home

When you think of the east side of Colorado Springs a lot of things come to mind other than custom built homes. This home is close to Powers Blvd, and even though its very close to one of the busiest corridors in Colorado Springs you would never know it once you set foot through the front door. Its architectural layout and features shield it well and surround you with spectacular views of our Front Range.

Our work was almost entirely constructed with of Hard Rock Maple. The owner took advantage of the clean modern look of Natural maple in their kitchen, hallway cabinets, doors, trim, stair case and master closet. The only room not constructed in Maple is one hallway bathroom, very distinctly different in Bubinga, from the rest of the house.


latest CNC work

This summer was filled with a lot of work. We were busy finishing up two houses in the Broadmoor neighborhood here in Colorado Springs. Just a few weeks ago we were able to build some very interesting spectator benches and judges tables for the new Colorado Justice Center in Denver.

Our new CNC came in very handy during those projects, especially on this.

Part of the design for the judges and counsel tables were the carvings seen above. We were able to cut them out with the CNC, allowing us to produce with great accuracy and quality.

Recently we were also approached by a local, well known architect who is building large scale topographical models for his projects. We are able to provide counts of layers of topography, cut out to the exact drawings provided.


Our finish room has been exceptionally busy this summer and Jeff and his crew are currently finishing up some of the last rooms for one of the Broadmoor houses. One part of this project was to find a way to conceal multiple speakers in an entertainment piece without the use of speaker cloth. See what we came up with below.

Our new toy.

Men love toys. It seems that the older men get, the bigger their toys get. Our guys in the shop are especially excited to be able to play with their newest toy, and it’s certainly not small.

Our new CNC machine has just arrived and our guys in the shop are in the process of setting it up and starting to work with it.

The CNC has been a thought for quite a while now, and it is about to be a big part of what we do and how we do it. This provides a great opportunity to increase our skills and our capabilities, allowing us to do things that were out of reach before. Another advantage of the CNC is efficiency and time saving, it will streamline production time and process. Last but not least it will certainly increase the safety in the shop, we can say goodbye to quite a few machines that we used for a long time.

If you would like to come in and check it out, feel free to give us a call, we would love to give you a taste of our shops future.

Vail, CO kitchen

This kitchen was part of a whole house we were able to work on in Vail, Colorado. 



Bradbury, California kitchen

Our work in one of the nations most expensive zip codes. Bradbury, California.

Kissing Camels kitchen

This is our latest kitchen in the Kissing Camels Neighborhood. Enjoy.