About Us

Welcome to Woodworks Millshop.

We are dedicated to help you build the home you are dreaming of and to transform the house you live in into the custom home you love.

Work with us to design and buildĀ a custom, exclusive pieceĀ for your home or office. No project too big, no job too small. Our attention to quality and detail are what sets us apart from other quality shops. Specializing in high-end, interior custom woodwork, we are committed to your satisfaction in every aspect of the job. From the design and drawing phase until the last touch up has occurred on your project.

Randy Zimdahl being interviewed about what he’s most passionate about, Woodworking!

Who we are:

Randy Zimdahl, Owner and Manager

Randy has been in the construction/woodworking business for over 30 years. Randy’s years in this industry have allowed him many opportunities to learn new things and be influenced by so many great people and ideas. This experience and mastery allows Randy the opportunity to bring many unique ideas and methods into projects. Randy’s ability to listen to your ideas and bring them to life have allowed this company to thrive.

Laird Snow, Design Expert & Project Manager

Lairds tremendous design skills and his expertise in auto cad along with his abilities to run all our machinery and understand the way things work allows him to constantly be designing and creating ways to make concepts into reality.

Tracey Bishop, Shop Foreman

Tracy has been the back bone of machining and the go to man for figuring out how to build things that we get to be involved in and he has been very instrumental in creating the fun stuff we get to do for many years.

Robert “Dave” Davison, Assistant Shop Foreman

Dave is a young man that has the technical savvy that so many bright young people have these days. It has allowed him to be our new master of technology and Dave gets to run our new CNC. With his self taught approach he thinks outside the box and brings his talents to many of our more complicated challenges.

Bart Howard Master Cabinet Maker

With all our expertise at designing and machining and making all the cool stuff we get to make it just couldn’t happen with the terrific talents of Bart. He can make all our crazy plans come together and has been the guy that finds the really clever ways of making things work in the real world.

Pat Becker, Shop & Project Manager


Please feel free to call us with any questions, ideas or comments you have. We would love to hear from you.