Woodworks Millshop

We have been at work for over three decades designing and producing custom woodwork for projects all across the United States, from Colorado Springs to Aspen, and from Los Angeles to New York.  Our services range from creating one-of-a-kind cabinets and furniture pieces to exclusive architectural woodworking.

Our dedication is to helping you create the home of your dreams.  Our motivation is your complete satisfaction.

We are the fine woodworkers of today. With over three decades of design and woodworking experience, we are dedicated to helping you create the home of your dreams.

Our Leaders



Nick K.

Nick has years of experience in design and project management roles.  He effectively leverages this experience to produce the best experience for our clients and collaborators.

Shop Foreman

Robert "Dave" D.

With unrivaled technical savvy and vision, Dave is our master of technology and operator of our new CNC.  Dave's self-taught approach allows him to think outside of the box and solve our team's most complicated challenges.

Chief Design Officer

Laird S.

Laird's masterful skills in AutoCAD, his ability to expertly run our machinery and his exceptional knowledge of the design world allows him to constantly create.  He will carry your ideas from concept to reality, delivering new and inspiring pieces each and every time.

Project Manager

Steve S.

Steve’s 44 years in the woodworking industry have given him the insight and skill needed to successfully complete any project for the trade and our discerning clientele. Having mastered everything from estimating to cabinet building to management, Steve’s expertise allows our projects to be completed on budget, on scope and on time.

 Project Manager

Randy Z.

Randy has been in the construction/woodworking business for over 33 years.  Randy's years in this industry have allowed him many opportunities to learn new things and be influenced by so many great people and ideas.  This experience and mastery enables Randy to bring many unique ideas and methods into projects.  His ability to listen to your ideas and deliver on his promises have allowed this company to thrive.

Master Cabinet Maker

Bart H.

Bart makes all of our crazy plans come together.  His brilliant craftsmanship and clever ability of making things work is the perfect pairing to our team's design and machine expertise.


Expert Finisher

Jay S.

As woodworkers, we so often focus on the "unseen".  How are pieces joined, how doors swing, how corners fit together; yet, one of the most important parts of our job is what is seen.  From custom colors, to advanced glazes and dyes, we pride ourselves on attention to detail.  Jay is the head of our finish room.  He develops unparalleled finishes to meet the most complex client needs.